The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation & Telecommunication in its present structure consists of seven departments. The organization structure is comprised of one Policy department with all other responsibilities being of an execution nature. One of these execution departments is the Department of Civil Aviation (CA) and Shipping & Maritime Affairs (SMA).

In view of the newness of the department with the tasks and responsibilities of supervising, coordinating and inspecting Aviation and Maritime services for a country whose main economic activity is Tourism, the emphasis in setting up the department of Civil Aviation and Shipping and Maritime is of extreme importance.

The department’s main focus will be on the following items: staffing, training, adhering to international, local and regional legislation and ensuring that operators in the industry meet and comply with requirements. Special emphasis will be on the promotion of safety and security within the industry.

The strategic objective of the department is:

Civil Aviation
• Ensure that the various operators comply with and operate within the regulatory standards;
• Continue to promote the Air Transport System;
• Ensure that the persons within the aviation industry meet and comply with the requirements;
• Ensure that the interpretation of regulations for the aviation industry is adapted to Sint Maarten’s operations;
• Advise the Minister on Aviation Matters.
• Ensure the department is an effective and efficient organization constantly adhering to ICAO rules and regulation.

To create and promote a safe, efficient and reliable air traffic system for St. Maarten and its citizens.

To ensure the highest levels of safety, security and effectiveness for St. Maarten.

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